Terrasa (tenu) wrote,

thoughts before syllabi writing

Anyone else going to see My Bloody Valentine 3D? There's hardly a 3D movie I wouldnt go see, but umm then I heard the Jonas brothers' one announced today -- gag. Still, bloody valentine looks crazy but irresistable.

Anyone else rocking the Wii Fit? We've really enjoyed it for the past few months, though I cant do the soccer ball thing without getting smashed in the head with shoes and junk to the point of epic fail [maybe you have a strategy, gwenzilla ]. And forget getting those stupid balls into the holes by wiggling about. I have decent balance though, I just keep trying to go in the opposite direction -- I have really awful coordination between the direction my eyes see and the direction my body moves. As a side note, I also have very weak left hand response time. If I dont look, I can do the ski slalom very well. I cant even take two steps on the tight rope though -- I absolutely try to move in the opposite direction I need to and can't fight my brain to do otherwise before plummetting to my death immediately.

Has anyone else shopped at Zara for clothes? That place has some pretty awesome style, but we've only ever seen it at the Framinham mall, and yet no H&M there! What gives? We drive all the way to the Holyoke mall for that -- well we drive to see friends in Noho, but it's on the way and all. Honestly though I'd say 80% of my clothes are from Target -- I'm such a fashionista, I know.

What are the top 3 stores in which you shop for clothes?
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