Terrasa (tenu) wrote,

your favorite teenage angst song is no better than martha washington's

There are some movies, some songs, and some books which we just love. And then you read more and you listen to more and you watch more and you realize, the stories are ALL the same. The same story is told over and over and over. So why do we still have a movie, as song, and a book that we love? Because it was our first. Because at some point, we didn't have that epiphany yet. At some point we hadn't gone through that emotion so thoroughly. At one time in our lives there was a 'first' time. And so whatever book or song or movie was the first to capture that epiphany well for us, that's the one we love and that's why people share common favorites in a generation and why there are 'classics'.

I think people can be like that too. There are friends from when I was younger that I just remember being the 'best', even though I know that the limited share of their personalities that I was privy too, well I know people who I share the same friendship with now, and yet, still, the first ones have this hint of myth to them, this exalted state, this legendary status in my head.

Anyway, I was just thinking of a girl I knew. I was thinking of how even now when I look at the photo I have of her, I think she's so full of life, so free, so vibrant, so beautiful, so lovely. But I couldnt really tell you why I still love her. I never dated her, we were never 'best' friends even though I cared for her more than she knew. I don't really know. There was just something about her.

I suppose first dates are like that too. It's not as if you do not love the person you are with as much as before, and yet we all know that first dates are more intense and memorable than going out to the movies two years later.

That's why I'm ok with the seasons. I get sad in the winter sometimes, but then when I take that first summer drive and I just feel unstoppable again, I know that I could never have a 'first summer drive' every year if it werent for winter.

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