Terrasa (tenu) wrote,

Pumpkins are beautiful.


I don't really know where I've been. I've been working far too much, but then I cannot complain because that's how it all evens out with the summers and winter break. Halloween is coming up, but people don't realize that what I really like about it is all the cuteness -- like Target Halloween characters and white pumpkins and the colors of candy. I'm not a 'scary Halloween' person. This was always amusing when I was uber-goth in hs because I'd like things during Halloween like shiny little cartoon skeleton silhouttes and pumpkin tinsel and of course beautiful crows. My favorite Halloween items right now are the two door hangings from Target I got a couple of years ago. One is a stuffed felt ghost with candy corn and the other is a cat with one large eye and baby blue and orange welcome letters dangling underneath.

Things that make me happy [stolen from lots of people]:

1. my boy
2. loving our pets
3. being with friends
4. crazy times with my department chair
5. laptop and gadgets
6. nancy drew: the crystal skull
7. long drives
8. trader joe granola in vanilla yogurt with a sliced apple
9. my ds
10. this song that davey gave me today, which is last on the list only because it's a link to follow: 10f10t song

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