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Interesting tidbit you may already know

I'm discussing writing systems in relation to cultural differences in eye scanning patterns, and I came across something I'd never heard of before.
Boustrophedon writing: literally stands for 'ox-turning' and is often found in ancient European writing systems such as early Greek. "In boustrophedon writing, characters are arranged into horizontal lines, but the individual lines alternate between running right to left and running left to right, the way an ox goes back and forth when plowing a field. The letters themselves use mirrored images in accordance with each individual line's direction." ref

Now that would be interesting to work with! Amusingly, the main thing that comes to mind when I read these things is, "wouldn't it be awesome if this came up on trivia night!?" That and my obsession that some day I will solve a mystery with my weird knowledge, as I adventure through a Myst island. Very realistic goals I have in life, really.
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