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What am I doing? I dont know really. I just finished The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and somehow that led me to an old Poe book I'd forgotten with a character named "Richard Parker" and this led me to a new discovery about a very unusual connection with that name which led me to another book which led me to some artwork which I will order. The artwork is a graphic novel of sorts, about 3 sisters, the eldest and smartest with blue hair named Ophile, ends up causing tragedy due to her jealousy concerning her sister going off with some boy. Odd that.

I've been thinking about some of the traits, characteristic of Asperger's Syndrome, that so many of my friends share [that's what the Curious Incident book is about]. I share many myself. Not that it's a bad thing, just interesting.

Ive also been shocked by how much my stomach muscles still hurt from our little 'yoga/pilates' workout thing of yesterday. I feel like I went in for surgery and they cut all of my muscles! Well. I wouldnt know. But that's what it seems like, like they're torn. It was just us playing around on the floor, but we're silly and didnt stop to think about stretching or anything.

I want to put together a db of places that we go. space for name, city and state, description, notes?, rating?, date visited, number of times visited
I feel like I dont have any real map in my head of where I go or how often. I mean how many times have I gone to the Montague Bookmill? hmm, so Notes field would be good since each time I go, I might want to add something about it -- two tables then, notes goes with visits, which goes with date and that would allow me to not keep number of times, but instead add a 'visit' entry with the date/note and simply count all of those. Oh and I suppose location could technically be in a different table, depending on how I want to organize them. I need to keep track of who I go with. I mean yes, it's always Dave now, but all those places before, I might get around to adding at least those places that I havent gone to with Dave, one visit per place, just to make note that I've been there. This might be vaguely interesting after a year's worth of entries. I'll see.
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